My recorders are handmade and developed after historical instruments. I work in small series of instruments each time, with the emphasis on the quality of each instrument individually.

After finished, the recorders are “played in” for a period of several weeks, if possible 2 months. This allows me to observe the development of each instrument, and make small final adjustments, in the voicing and in the intonation.

The delivery time may vary from 5 months to one year, depending on the model, the size, the wood you choose, and the number or recorders you order. Please write to me, and I’ll give all the information about waiting times and the various options available.

You can place your order when visiting my workshop or by mail. I validate your order upon reception of a deposit of 200€.


My workshop is located in Courbevoie, a pleasant town near Paris, and next to the busy district of La Defense, to which I moved by the end of 2014 from Lisbon, Portugal. If by any chance you will be passing through Paris, you would be welcomed to visit my workshop. In which case I ask you to contact me in advance.

For more information: how to order/ terms and conditions.

About the wood:

For my instruments I use carefully selected and well seasoned wood, of three di

Boxwood, the wood from which many origials are made,

True service tree (Sorbus domestica), called in french, cormier. It is a fruit tree, very dense, density between 0.80 to 0.95, among european wood is one of the most dense, the inner part of the wood more red kind, and the outside part, the biggest part is more clear, maybe in between maple and pear wood, more grey than pear. It is less dense than boxwod, but more stable.

S. domestica is sometimes called the true service tree to distinguish it from the wild service tree (“S. torminalis”)



How to order


You can place your order when visiting my workshop, by mail, or by using the order form bellow. I will then contact you with information about waiting times and the various options available. I validate your order upon reception of a deposit of 100€ (200€ for especial orders, like recorders with two head joints). This deposit will not be reimbursed in case you cancel your order, for whatever reason, but you can always let someone else have your place on my waiting list for the instrument you have ordered.


Please check the recorders in stock, occasionally I may have the instrument you are looking for in stock. 



Terms and conditions


Each recorder is delivered with a soft bag and has a two-year, non-transferable guarantee. All postal charges are at the customers expense, I can provide an indication about these costs.


With each recorder I deliver precise maintenance advices and procedures. A regular and careful maintenance to your recorder, is highly advised, and will help to protect from unwanted changes and keep its tone quality. 


The guarantee covers any faults of material or manufacturing. During the guarantee, and if the recorder needs, any service like revoicing or retuning, will be made by me free of charge. I advice allways one full revision to the recorder during the guarantee, witch I recommend to be made in the beginning of the second year of the guarantee. Whenever you send a recorder to me, please phone or e-mail me to let me know it is coming, and send it always in a well protected parcel and insure it according to its value.


The guarantee services are excluded when the recorder has been adjusted by anyone other than myself, or if changes or problems in recorder seem to me, to result from improper treatment. In these situations the service can be charged, if I decide so. Please write if any further information is required.


 Thank you for your confidence,

        Diogo Leal