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"Ganassi" recorders 



Soprano c'', Alto g' and  Alto f '

Pitches A=415/440/466Hz



The "Ganassi" recorder is a model developed by several makers in the 70s.


It has a range of more than two octaves,  and plays with a fingering known nowadays as "Ganassi fingering", an adaptation of different fingerings present in the treaty of Sylvestro Ganassi, Opera Intitulata Fontegara, 16th century.


The "Ganassi" recorders I make are based on the model that the famous

australian recorder maker Fred Morgan developed after one alto recorder in the Vienna Kunsthistorisches museum (inventory number: SAM 135)


It has a cylindrical body, with a conical bell at the bottom. The sound is strong and stable, especially in the lower register, and the higher register has a  brilliant sound.


The "Ganassi" recorders are made in two parts, head and body joint, with a brass ring,  and allow the use of two different bodies in pitches 415Hz, 440Hz and 466Hz.


For the "Ganassi" recorders I use hard-maple wood and cormier/true service wood (Sorbus domestica L).



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